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Powered by lemons††††† †††††††††† †††††††††† †† shows low cost electronic projects for the Tech8 program in BC schools.

These projects have also been used for Merit badges for a Scout Troup in California. See project notes from the Scout instructor at the bottom of the product list.

Wondering if† you found what you were looking for? If not or if you have thoughts or questions please email me† at†

We supply low cost Tech 8, (grade 8) projects for Middle School electronics. Where possible we will add information to use these kits in Wood, CAD and Metal.

Class orders maybe supplied with instructor notes,† written by the submitting Instructor.†† As noted in the kit information.

Contact me if you want to talk to this instructor. We will email your contact information and let him/her contact you directly.

Weíre looking for student projects. If you have a circuit thatís been on hold for lack of development time, send us the schematic and we will create the pcb layout, and make a few boards for you. If itís a project you want to use, maybe we could offer it here.

Project ideas?†† We will try to find a solution for you. Lets work together.

Limited sample quantity available, act fast.

INSTRUCTORS send me your school address and Iíll mail a sample Winker or Robot 6 Ė7/8ís to you. All parts less battery.

Troup leader? Want a sample to show your Scouts? All parts less battery.


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